The Main Key of Branding. Understanding Customer

Community self-awareness as consumers in recognizing an existing company is very influential on branding. In this case, the branding process is a good and direct communication method. Where a good brand is able to convey its benefits clearly to customers without having to involve an expensive advertising process.

Managing Director of ETNOMARK Consulting, Amalia E. Maulana said, the key to making good branding activities is understanding customers or understanding what their customers want. According to her, there is no difference between the principles of branding activities in digital and non-digital.

“I am not a person who likes to separate digital and non-digital activities. Because this can be misleading. We better use the term ‘Integrated Marketing Communication and Promotion’ so that it does not make a dichotomy of strategy, “she continued.

Because basically, the goal is to remain the same, that is the audience who needs a solution, whether it is in the form of products, services, or experience.

“After we understand the behavior of the audience and what can be offered by the company in accordance based what they need, then this is where branding strategies begin to be made and arranged,” Amalia said.

Amalia E. Maulana, Ph.D. Brand Consultant & Ethnographer Director, ETNOMARK Consulting

However, in the digital world, Amalia explained, exploring what consumers need becomes very easy and efficient. Because without having to meet face to face with consumers that it saves resources.

“If somebody asks can we explore the needs of consumers through digital media, the answer is of course it can? With digital media, without even meeting face to face we can recognize and understand many aspects of consumer life, “she explained.

Amalia further revealed, to dominate the brand’s popularity in the digital world and become a champion brand in the digital era, offline and online activities should be done simultaneously. “Not with a different team that ended up being redundant or not even hit at all,” she said.


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