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IGB Media

IGB Media

Welcome to IGB Media, your premier destination for comprehensive branding, creative advertising
production, and digital marketing solutions. Stands for Integrated Global Business Media; we
strategically headquartered in the vibrant city of Surabaya, Indonesia. Since 2017, we have steadfastly
dedicated ourselves to deliver outstanding services tailored to your brand and marketing requirements.
Our versatile offerings encompass branding design and development, video production, photography,
website development, graphic design, production house, and expert social media management.

Our core value (U.N.I.T.E) is to help customers transform their brand vision and mission in form of creative advertising in order to meet their target market.
By delivering the branding goals and engagements
to its target market consistently with the right creative advertisement, the brand can increase its brand awareness. At the end of the day, it is to continue preserving the brand’s existence in the market.  Of course,  we will strongly uphold the value of business models, market society, and culture environment.

Our Sole Objective

To become the most preferred provider of branding and creative advertising production services in Surabaya, Indonesia; trusted by both local and international brands  

…And how we do it?

We empower brands in comprehending and adapting to the evolving landscape of customer interactions, ensuring their long-term relevance and prominence. We strive to help brands craft impactful branding and advertising assets that infuse their brand narrative with  purpose, driving increased market presence.

Our goal is to elevate brand value within an interconnected digital world by seamlessly integrating digital advertising assets into modern marketing practices

Our Philosophy

at IGB Media


At our core, we embrace the universal spirit of unity. Our team thrives on the vibrant tapestry of diverse backgrounds, which infuses our company with a spectrum of colors and positive attributes. We view diversity as a wellspring of richness and relish in the fusion of cultures, fostering an environment of openness.


We operate as a close-knit family, dedicated to nurturing the potential, character, and skills of our members. Aligned by our shared vision, mission, and language, we continually strive to approach perfection, one step at a time.


Integrity is a value deeply rooted in each sincere heart. It encompasses steadfast consistency in actions, values, methods, measurements, principles, expectations, and the products of our efforts. Our team exemplifies integrity through our honest attitudes and unwavering characters.


Trust forms the bedrock of our business and network. We firmly believe that trust is the cornerstone of sustainable and enduring relationships among all stakeholders.


We're firm believers in the universal generation of energy. We harmonize every facet of our lives to generate and channel positive energy into every action we undertake. Our commitment is to radiate this positive energy to our brands, delight our clients, and extend the utmost sincerity and care in every interaction.

IGB Media Commitment


Integrity is not just a value; it's the cornerstone of our commitment to excellence and trustworthiness. We understand the profound impact that integrity has on building a brand's reputation. Every strategy we employ, from crafting compelling brand narratives to the execution, is rooted in transparency, honesty, and ethical practices.

Heart Work

'Heart Work' defines our approach to crafting meaningful brand identities. It's not just about creating logos and marketing materials; it's about infusing every aspect of our work with passion, dedication, and a genuine connection to the brands we serve.


We believe that professionalism extends beyond the quality of our branding services. It's the bedrock of our commitment to delivering excellence in every aspect of our work. Our approach is characterized by a meticulous blend of industry expertise, ethical conduct, and unwavering dedication to our clients.


We believe that a truly impactful brand is born from imaginative thinking and unique expressions. By intertwining creative elements seamlessly into the digital fabric, we ensure that the brands we serve will not only rank high on its customer eyes but also captivate audiences with distinctive offerings.

Understanding the Market

The driving force behind each of our approach to the clients. Our dedication to understanding market needs ensures that the brands we serve will also resonate authentically with the audience. It's about creating a digital presence that not only meets search engine algorithms but, more importantly, fulfills the real and evolving needs of the dynamic market nowadays.


Entrepreneurship is a mindset that fuels innovation, resilience, and a proactive approach to branding. With a keen understanding of the vibrant entrepreneurial landscape, we infuse this entrepreneurial spirit into our branding approach, create a brand’s presence that not only reflects the aspirations of businesses but also emanate the brand’s spirit and vitality.

What make
IGB Media

What makes us special is that we distinguish between media and creativity by using data to guide objective-setting and drive marketing decisions that are applicable for each client. We provide the best service from pre-production to post-production. Starting from pre-production, we provide planning, strategy, and schedule planning by integrating data and insights from the team in accordance with the marketing targets that the client wants.

In the production process, we mobilize all capabilities and expertise possessed by the team by applying the latest technological developments in accordance with the times. Timeliness is also one of our priorities so that our clients can immediately arrive at the client. Until finally we reach the final product where we deliver work to clients in a way that is easy, precise, and fast to reduce some risk so as to provide business outcomes with clear attribution.

Why We Stands Out: 8 Key Reasons

Reason #1

In-Depth Understanding

At IGB, we embark on a journey of understanding your unique needs. Through diligent research and
insightful conversations, we gain a profound comprehension of your brand’s requirements, enabling us
to craft concepts that align perfectly with your market and audiences to deliver top-notch service.

Reason #2

Think Right

We pride ourselves on providing well-considered and rational guidance. Our commitment is to empower you with the knowledge and insights needed to make informed decisions about your brand. We’re dedicated to assisting you to achieve your dreams, leveraging our expertise to the fullest extent.

Reason #3

Multifaceted Perspectives

Seeing from diverse angles is the cornerstone of crafting captivating videos and engaging projects that resonate with your marketing activity. Our approach involves thorough research and an alignment with your brands, your audience, and your capabilities; ensuring that our videos, photos, and marketing media creations are not just appealing but also tailored precisely to you.

Reason #4

Uncompromising Honesty

Integrity is our guiding principle. We provide ideas and recommendations grounded in the reality of your brand’s business landscape. While truths may sometimes be challenging, we believe that addressing them properly is important to facilitate your market growth and improvement.

Reason #5

Exceptional Results

At IGB, our commitment to excellence is unwavering. We consistently deliver the best and utmost quality services to ensure your brand is thriving. Your success is our priority, and we take pride in delivering exceptional results to expand your market.

Reason #6

Strategic Objectives

Beyond branding, we offer guidance on strategic steps to ensure your market thrives and gains widespread recognition. We provide holistic support to help your business run seamlessly and achieve visibility among your target market.

Reason #7

Genuine Care

Your business’s success is our passion. We are dedicated to providing innovative ideas for your marketing videos, offering constructive feedback, and sharing invaluable suggestions; because we genuinely care about your brand’s success.

Reason #8

Focused Approach

Our commitment to your projects is unwavering. IGB Media specialized focus on ongoing projects allows
us to optimize our efforts and ensures your absolute satisfaction with the outcomes.