PT PIM Pharmaceuticals – Owner’s Profile Video – Videography

PT PIM Pharmaceuticals – Owner’s Profile Video

Starting from buying a pharmaceutical company owned by a German who is well-known and the oldest in Indonesia, Mr. Sinartono and his father succeeded in creating and developing a pharmaceutical company whose name is very well known until today. The company’s business was fully managed by Mr. Sinartono in 1950 and in 1988, Mr. Gunawan received the baton to run this family business. Together with his wife, Mr. Gunawan taught his children, Mrs. Olivia and Mr. Steven, to always adhere to the principle that “Pharmaceuticals make medicines, these drugs help people who are sick. So we must be able to make high-quality medicinal products. It is not allowed to make substandard drugs, let alone counterfeit drugs.” This principle becomes the vision and mission of running PT PIM. IGB in this video plays a role in capturing what the owner thought about the company and how the history of PT PIM. IGB Media hopes PT. PIM Pharmaceuticals will always be successful in the future.


“IGB: Creative & professional individuals creating beautiful videos that touch the heart of its viewers”
Ms. Olivia Tongrejo
Director, PT. PIM Pharmaceuticals


“If a picture is worth a thousand words, IGB Media’s video is definitely worth a billion words! Thank you for the ideas and for materializing our imagination.
Truly beyond expectation.”
Mr. Steven Tongrejo
Managing Director, PT. PIM Pharmaceuticals