Pakuwon Group – 40th Years Anniversary Book

40th Years Anniversary Book

We are delighted to present this commemorative book, crafted with precision and designed to  encapsulate the rich history and achievements of Pakuwon Group over four remarkable decades.  From vivid imagery to engaging narratives, our design brings the pages to life, ensuring a tactile  and visually stunning experience for readers. 

IGB Media and PT Pakuwon Jati Tbk come together to create a masterpiece in print, celebrating the company’s remarkable milestones and achievements. The partnership results in a series of beautifully crafted books that capture the essence of Pakuwon Jati’s journey, spanning 40 years of success and growth.

With a deep understanding of the company’s history and vision for the future, IGB Media meticulously designs and curates the content to showcase Pakuwon Jati’s unique brand and culture. Through this collaboration, IGB Media and Pakuwon Jati set a new standard in milestone book publishing, showcasing the power of storytelling and the art of preserving legacies.

IGB Media team has been working with us since 2017 till now. I’m so happy to work with them, not only because they are very creative, cooperative and professional, but they know what we really need.
IGB has designed 3 websites for us, our company profile video & book, and many more.
All of their works are created with excellent, elegant, and informative, so it makes people’s lives easier to seek information about our properties.
IGB Media is a great partner that you can trust and rely on. I am personally happy to recommend them.

Mrs. Tina Liem

Senior Corporate Procurement, Pakuwon Group


“Satisfactory result with amazing photos and videos and excellent service.”

Mrs. Evi Yolanda

Corporate Finance Manager, Pakuwon Group