ANA Crowne Plaza Osaka – Crowne Club – Videography

ANA Crowne Plaza Osaka – Crowne Club

ANA Crowne Plaza is one of the hotels from the IHG Group. Located in Osaka, this hotel is the perfect place for business travelers. ANA Crowne Plaza Osaka offers exclusive services by having the Crowne Club with many benefits you can get. IGB Media is working with ANA Crowne Plaza Osaka Hotel to make a profile video to introduce their hotel in Osaka to society. We are happy to help both the hotel and the potential guest in finding and getting services that match what you need.

“Thank you very much for such beautiful videos.  All of them are unique, and all of them are so well done.  They all tell a different story.
We are all very very pleased with the videos and I have shared them with all other hotels and Corporate as well. We love them.”
Mrs. Kamal Haer
Area Director of Sales & Marketing, ANA Crowne Plaza Osaka

“The stories are fantastic and easy to understand. I love all of the videos and I have great memories with each video.”
Ms. Seiko Ishiwari
 Marketing Manager, ANA Crowne Plaza Osaka