70 Fahrenheit Koffie – Flatbean & Peaberry – Packaging Design

Flatbean & Peaberry

Each bag of Flatbean and Peaberry coffee is a testament to the brand’s commitment to excellence,  featured in a meticulously designed packaging that encapsulates the essence of the product. The  packaging showcases a harmonious blend of modern aesthetics and Balinese charm, reflecting the  distinguished character of each coffee variety in the market. With detailed illustrations and a color  palette inspired by the natural beauty of Bali, the packaging not only preserves the product  freshness but also tells a visual story of the brand’s commitment. 

“IGB is a very responsive team and they can communicate with us very well. The team is very efficient and simple. I have worked with them many times and they always deliver the best.”

Mr. Stanley Annjaya

Managing Director, 70 Fahrenheit Koffie