70 Fahrenheit Koffie Company Profile – Videography

70 Fahrenheit Koffie Company Profile Video

Indonesia is one of the largest coffee producing countries in the world. Indonesian coffee is not only popular in its own country, but also in the foreign market. Among the most popular coffee types in the world, Balinese Coffee is one of them. For decades, the original coffee from Bali (Bali origins of coffee) has been recognized by the global community as an exotic coffee with a distinctive flavor, giving off a strong and fragrant aroma. Despite its popularity, it is sometimes still difficult to find a product in the public market that authentically copies the original blend without any mixture.
This is why in 2003, the “70°F Koffie” coffee factory was established as an effort to meet the needs of the market by selling original coffee that’s pure without any mixture. The Balinese coffee most especially, which has a distinctive taste and is rich in health benefits, has been in production for over 10 years, registered with the legal name 70°F Koffie.


“IGB is a very responsive team and they can communicate with us very well. The team is very efficient and simple. I have worked with them many times and they always deliver the best.”

Mr. Stanley Annjaya

Managing Director, 70 Fahrenheit Koffie