70 Fahrenheit Koffie – B70 & M70 Koffie – Branding Design

70 Fahrenheit Koffie – B70 & M70 Koffie

Nestled in the landscapes of Bali, Indonesia, 70 Fahrenheit Koffie stands out not only for its  exceptional coffee but also for the recent introduction of its distinctive M 70 and B 70; marking a  significant chapter in the brand’s expansion journey in Medan and Batam. The M 70 and B 70 logos  encapsulate the essence of its commitment to deliver a memorable coffee experience. These logos serve as visual ambassadors, embodying the spirit of innovation and quality that patrons have  come to expect.

“IGB is a very responsive team and they can communicate with us very well. The team is very efficient and simple. I have worked with them many times and they always deliver the best.”

Mr. Stanley Annjaya

Managing Director, 70 Fahrenheit Koffie