IGB Media Collaboration with Mother Teresa Social Foundation to Increase Social Awareness

Mother Teresa Social Foundation is a social foundation under the auspices of the Catholic Diocese of Malang located in the city of Malang. This social foundation is engaged in the field of mourning services with a vision and mission to help all levels of society, cross-religious and cross-cultural. Especially for underprivileged communities who need a helping, both members and non-members. In addition, all services of the Mother Teresa Social Foundation are cross-subsidy, so the income from the services received from able families, they subsidies for the poor and needy society. 

Start from the plan to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Mother Teresa Social Foundation on October 6, 2022, Mr. Tigor Teranggono as chairman of the foundation, specifically asked IGB Media to make a profile video that tells the journey and achievements of the foundation. Initially, team of Mother Teresa Social Foundation had difficulties in finding vendors to work with, in making this video, because the foundation is engaged in the field of grief. Not many vendors are able to create a narrative profile of this mourning foundation. 

By looking at the humanitarian social activities carried out by Mother Teresa Social Foundation, IGB Media agreed and participated in the form of donations, to make a video profile of the foundation. We want to participate and help convey the message or value that the Mother Teresa Social Foundation wants to convey to the community in the video profile. The value that we want to awaken in the soul of the community is awareness of the importance of caring and contributing in helping the underprivileged who need help, regardless of religious and cultural background. IGB Media itself began to carry out video production activities on September 24th, 2022.

For IGB Media, the presence and sustainability of social foundations such as the Mother Teresa Social Foundation will be a reflection of others to more care about others and care about social phenomena. Therefore, we are very pleased to be able to help and participate of this project. Although the duration of the process was quite short, however we managed to produce a video that lived up to the expectations of all members of the Mother Teresa Social Foundation. We really hope that the video that we’ve uploaded on October 7th, 2022 on IGB Media’s Youtube account, can be a blessing to many people, especially to those who are in need of assistance from the Mother Teresa Social Foundation.

Link video: