Tips for Doing Digital Marketing

In this digital era, one of the things companies can do to do marketing is through digital marketing. Many companies have used this method, but there are several companies who are still confused about what things to do when they are going to do digital marketing. Here are some tips that companies, UMKM, or those of you who want to know about digital marketing can do:

  • Identify the target audience.

Knowing who the target audience of your company is is the first thing to do before doing digital marketing. Conduct research related to age and gender range, the information needed by the audience, and social media used by the target audience.


  • Finding & knowing the right social media to promote your business.

After knowing who the company’s target audience is, then the next step is to find out which social media is most used by the audience and determine which social media the company can use to do digital marketing. By determining this, it can help companies do digital marketing well.

  • Create interesting, creative, unique, and consistent content.

Creating unique, creative, innovative, and informative content is one of the important things that must be considered and done when doing digital marketing. If the content that is created is interesting, it can certainly attract the attention of many people. In addition, the content created must be uploaded regularly. Don’t let the content be uploaded only once or twice and then don’t upload other content.


  • Call To Action (CTA)

Call To Action is a term used to represent the method used by marketers so that the audience sees and accesses the website, product or service of the company. CTA can be in the form of images or text that can encourage the audience to do something like visiting websites, buying goods, reading articles, etc.

  • Reviewing campaign results

After uploading content, you must review the content that has been uploaded. Did the content successfully reach the target audience, how did the audience respond, how many audiences saw the content, etc. By doing this, it can help in the creation of the next content.