IGB Media’s Collaboration with Padepokan Dhammadīpa Ārāma in the “50 Years Golden Jubilee Dhammadīpa Ārāma” Profile Video and Website


Quoted from the samaditthi.org page, many people are confused about determining the direction of life goals or even restless with an uncertain future. If you feel part of those people, then you may need to know about this hermitage. With the tagline “True to be a Dhamma instructor for the happiness of many people”, Padepokan Dhammadipa Arama can actually accompany meditation activities for those of you who need it. The Padepokan, which is located in Ngandat, Mojorejo Village, Junrejo District, Batu City, is not only a place of worship for Buddhists, but also has a college facility called STAB Kertarajasa. Currently the hermitage has been opened to the public as religious tourism, so that all people of all religions and cultures can visit it.

In May 2021, IGB Media worked on a profile video project for Padepokan Dhammadipa Arama entitled “50 Years Golden Jubilee Padepokan Dhammadipa Arama” with a duration of about 10 minutes. The shooting process was carried out for two and a half days from May 25 to 27, 2021. The video shows the splendor of the hermitage building and the activities of the bhante, also combined with a religious nuanced background. So you can imagine the peace in the hermitage through the video. So you can imagine the peace in the hermitage through the video. There is also explained the history of the hermitage by Bhikkhu Khantidharo Mahathera and Bhikkhu Jayamedho Thera.

Successfully producing a profile video, IGB Media also helped create the Padepokan Dhammadipa Arama website. The website contains a lot of information about facilities, founders’ genealogy, events, activities and foundation. These two publication materials serve as a means of raising funds and conveying gratitude to all donors who have donated to the construction of the hermitage. From donor funds, this hermitage became the largest Buddhist monastery in East Java.

The results of the profile video work can be seen on the YouTube account of IGB Media and Padepokan Dhammadipa Arama, it has been uploaded since May 2021. We hope that this publication material, Padepokan Dhammadipa Arama can be increasingly known by the public, especially for those who need meditation training to achieve a peaceful life. It is an honor for us to be able to participate in the work of this project.