Digital Marketing Trends in 2022

Year by year, trends continue to change including in terms of marketing. In this digital era, digital marketing is one of the most effective and most widely used methods by companies. Digital marketing itself has various types such as social media marketing, content marketing, etc. Following the times, here is some digital marketing that companies can do in 2022:

  • Metaverse

Metaverse is a set of virtual spaces where one can create and browse with other internet users who are not in the same space as that person. The existence of the metaverse can help people do things virtually like online travel, try on digital clothes to buy, create and view art, etc. With the metaverse, companies can consider using the metaverse as a medium for marketing.

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the internet’s largest professional network used to find jobs or internships, connect and strengthen professional relationships, and learn skills needed for careers. Utilizing LinkedIn as a digital marketing media is one way that can be done because here users can find out the company profile, what business is being run, and find out if there are job vacancies in the company.



  • Influencer

Influencer marketing is something that has often been done where a celebrity promotes a brand. Not only celebrities, there are also bloggers, YouTubers, or public figures who have important roles and gain the trust of the public. Because as the name implies, influencer means having influence on the public. Companies can take advantage of influencers by finding suitable people and having expertise and influence in the business and then endorsing them so that later the company’s products can be known by the public.

  • Websites

The website can be considered as a company presentation tool in the digital world that explains information related to the company to avoid misinformation related to the company and describes the company’s vision and mission, the history, and the development of the company. Become a medium for implementing digital marketing of company products, communication media between companies and the community or for collaboration, and information media to the public such as events, products, etc. The most important thing is to be able to open a wider new market.

  • Video-based content, live streaming, etc.

In the current situation, people are more active and spend more time at home. This certainly affects people’s preferences when doing online searching for the products they want and need. Most people prefer to see video content because it contains a more detailed product explanation with attractive visuals. Apart from that, people also like live streaming where audiences and sellers can interact directly. These things can be considered by companies in order to do digital marketing in this way.

VR AR Picture:


  • VR and AR

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are the same thing, the difference is the technology. VR typically consists of a digital world that you can see and immerse in, while AR uses digital information that overlays physical information to create a virtual environment in which you can interact. If a company uses VR and AR for digital marketing, it can attract the attention of the target market so that people can try products virtually and find out what the company’s products are like.