3 Keys for Marketing Management in Digital Era

Digital Darwinism is a phenomenon caused by digitalization. This happens when technological development is faster than the company’s ability to anticipate it. Many big brands cannot survive in this new era.

Dave Snowden, a management thinker from IBM revealed that the context of decision making in this technological era has led to complex, even chaotic, nature. This trait is characterized by best practices that are no longer relevant. Successful marketing practice in a brand, may not necessarily give the same results when applied to other brands. The nature of decisions in this context is to look for novel practices or something that is always new.

To address this, PPM School of Management, Chair of the Centre for Innovation and Collaboration, Dr. Wahyu T. Setyobudi, ATP, CPM revealed three keys that can be used by marketers or brand owners in this digital era, namely: collaboration, innovation, and agility.

“Collaboration needs to be done with various parties including consumers, suppliers, EO, agencies, distributors, local governments, and even competitors. This collaboration is purposed to foster co-creation where relevant new values ​​are created from the synergy between parties, “Wahyu said to INFOBRAND.ID.

According to Wahyu intense collaboration, it can fuel marketing innovation. Where innovation has a new dimension and is relevant from the customer’s perspective. So continuous efforts are needed to always be at the forefront of utilizing digital trends across all marketing dimensions, starting from the analytical process, formulation of strategy, to execution.

PPM School of Management, Ketua Center for Innovation and Collaboration, Dr. Wahyu T . Setyobudi, ATP, CPM

“Both for products, as well as dynamic price innovations, diverse channels and sharper and varied ways of two-way communication,” he said.
The last key that is no less important for marketers is where brands need to apply agility mindset and practices.

“It’s not the time anymore, the development of products or services that take a long time with the waterfall system, waiting for everything to be just perfect launching. Products are perfected by direct feedback from consumers, in a continuous co-creation process. Of course, this adaptation of the agile concept requires an organizational structure and a new mindset in carrying out the marketing process, “Wahyu explained.

Departing from the 3 principles of competition in the new era namely Collaboration, Innovation, and Agility, Wahyu suggested some tips:

  1. Start adding digital analytics as a supplement to current periodic research.
  2. Encouraging two-way communication with customers to get insight and direct feedback.
  3. As customer preferences change very quickly, speed is also needed to anticipate them, even to form those preferences.
  4. Involving customers as active subjects, becoming agents in brand communication efforts.


Resource: infobrand.id
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