PT. Aneka Tuna Indonesia (ATI)

PT. Aneka Tuna Indonesia (ATI) – Print Media Design

Crafting Timeless Impressions: IGB Media’s Unparalleled Journey in Print Media Design for PT ATI Company.
In the narrative they craft through design, IGB Media immortalizes PT ATI Company’s milestones, aspirations, and values. They transform ink into inspiration, paper into possibility, and design into destiny. This is the saga of IGB Media, where their print media design for PT ATI Company becomes more than just visuals – it’s an odyssey of forging connections, narrating stories, and imprinting impressions that stand the test of time.

PT. Aneka Tuna Indonesia ATI – Photography

IGB Media has once again showcased their exceptional photography skills by capturing the natural and wholesome goodness of PT Aneka Tuna Indonesia’s canned tuna. Through their expert use of lighting, composition, and angles, IGB Media has created stunning visuals that showcase the product’s high quality, delicious taste, and nutritional value.
The vibrant colors of the vegetables and spices used to enhance the tuna’s flavor pop out of the photographs, enticing customers to try the product and experience its mouth-watering taste. Furthermore, IGB Media’s photography doesn’t only showcase the tuna’s delicious taste but also highlights its nutritional value, which is an important factor for health-conscious consumers.
With IGB Media’s photography, PT Aneka Tuna Indonesia’s canned tuna is sure to stand out on store. The stunning visuals not only showcase the product’s delicious taste but also highlight its nutritional benefits, making it a healthy and tasty addition to any meal.