IGB Media’s 4th Anniversary Webinar: Digital Branding in 2021

The pandemic had accelerated digital development, businesses must embrace digital branding, so that they could remain relevant for their consumers and the market. Surabaya, 16 April 2020 IGB Media sponsored by PT. Pakuwon Jati, PT. Helmigs, and PT. Viva Cosmetics successfully organized its first webinar to celebrate their company’s 4th anniversary. With the theme “Digital […]

How Brands Can Address The Hyperdrive Impact Of COVID-19 On E-Commerce

In this global pandemic issues, many of working places are forced to close. Some of company has relied their income revenue on their online. Online sales are becoming one of the fastest growing sales since social distancing went into effect. the impact of quarantine causes e commerce to become hyper drives. According to Sarah Hofstetter […]

The Main Key of Branding. Understanding Customer

Community self-awareness as consumers in recognising an existing company is very influential on branding. In this case the branding process is a good and direct communication method. Where a good brand is able to convey its benefits clearly to customers without having to involve an expensive advertising process. Managing Director of ETNOMARK Consulting, Amalia E. […]

3 Keys for Marketing Management in Digital Era

Digital Darwinism is a phenomenon caused by digitalisation. This happens when technological development is faster than the company’s ability to anticipate it. Many big brands cannot survive in this new era. Dave Snowden, a management thinker from IBM revealed that the context of decision making in this technological era has led to complex, even chaotic, […]

In the Middle of Covid-19, Online Marketing and Digital Branding are Choices

The impact of the corona virus pandemic (Covid-19) is felt in the business and economic world. In a short amount of time, marketing patterns also changed especially when social distancing and Pembatasan Sosial Berskala Besar (PSBB) were applied. Chairman of TRAS N CO Indonesia, Tri Raharjo, said that the impact of the corona virus epidemic […]